Hasemusi Ceramics

This artwork evokes imagery of a distant planet in the universe, the intricate rings of a tree trunk, or the captivating textures and patterns found in ancient rock formations. These elements intrigue viewers and spark curiosity, making it a focal point in any space. Whether used as a centerpiece or a vase, it enhances the beauty of its surroundings, adding a unique touch to the environment.

Employing a distinct method of pottery-making that puts a modern twist on the traditional technique of "Neriage," I craft vases in various shapes and sizes. These vessels are distinguished by enigmatic patterns and textures that entice the beholder to gaze upon them endlessly.

I take great joy in sharing my creations with individuals worldwide and assisting in enhancing interior design and floral arrangements.

Red and white

Black and white

"Neriage" is a technique where different colored clays are kneaded together to express patterns through their stretching and shrinking properties. In 1993 (Heisei 5), Yasunari Matsui was recognized as the holder of Japan's Important Intangible Cultural Asset, "Neriage".

Inspired by the possibilities of this technique, ceramic artists from both Japan and abroad are challenging themselves to create works with various ideas. It has become one of the most prominent models in the current global ceramics scene.