Hasemusi Kiln

"Hasemusi" is one of the old names of a place in the south-west of Onojo City, Fukuoka Prefecture. The area is associated with pottery and is home to the largest group of Sue ware kilns in Kyushu. These were in operation for about 400 years, from the 6th to the 9th century, and the excavated remains alone number some 200 kilns. One of these is the Hasemushi Kiln Site Group, which is thought to have been an important group of government-owned kilns that supported the mass consumption of Sue ware in Dazaifu during the peak of kiln operations in the 8th century when the Dazaifu Government Office II was established.

I have chosen the name of this workshop out of respect for the fact that I am able to make pottery in this area, while holding on to the romantic notion that my ancestors may have been potters as well.

Hasemusi Kiln 


2-13-13 Yokomine, Onojo, Fukuoka, Japan